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Commercial Real Estate Industry Enjoys Positive Outlook for 2014

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The declining state of the economy continues to be a critical issue in all industries; however one shining light amidst the darkness appears to be the commercial real estate industry. According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the commercial real estate industry continues to improve and they are projecting steady, moderate growth in 2014. Other sources, such as Bill Conerly of, echo those sentiments in his recent article, “Commercial Real Estate Forecast Update: 2013 – 2014” where he writes, “Commercial real estate continues to improve at a moderate pace…” Both are not resounding endorsements for 2014 but they are in fact positive. In today’s world where few industries are on the up-tick, it is certainly worth noting that the commercial market projections are positive. 

Meet Your Tenants’ Deepest Needs

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In a few moments, you will think about $60,000 in a completely new way. Before we do that, try to guess what your tenants are craving. Of course they would benefit from Workspeed Property Operations, but the answer here is connection. Tenants are people, and people are wired to crave community and social bonds. 

New Year’s Resolutions – How Do Yours Measure Up?

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We’re now about six weeks into 2014, which means it’s a good time to check whether or not you’re on track to meet those new year’s resolutions you made after the ball dropped on December 31st. According to the Daily Infographic, less than 15% of people surveyed actually achieve their resolution. Whether you’re part of the 62% of people who made a personal resolution, or you made a resolution in your professional life in the form of a company objective(s), now is a good time to check the progress of your 2014 goals.

World’s Tallest Building May Cause the World’s Largest Headache

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In a recent article on CNN’s website, the world’s tallest building- Burj Khalifa located in Dubai, UAE, has made headlines for threatening to shut down air conditioning and elevators due to unpaid fees. There were reportedly several notifications that were sent out to residents that their access cards would be denied if they failed to pay the fees. The cost of rent in the Burj Khalifa is approximately $55,000/year and the service charges are around $25,000/year.

Locked in at the Olympics? Workspeed Mobile to the rescue!

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I’m sure by now many of us have heard the harrowing tale of US bobsledder Johnny Quinn getting stuck in his bathroom at Sochi and having to break through the door (shown below).

Do I HAVE to shovel the sidewalk today?

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Cleveland was just slammed with another snowstorm, which means city crews were out and about all night plowing drives and shoveling sidewalks. Although residents and tenants alike obviously enjoy the convenience of a shoveled, salted walk, as a property manager are you obligated to clear your walkways every time Mother nature strikes? Or is it acceptable to let your clients fend for themselves every once in a while?

How the “Big Game” Became a Property Management Marvel

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Played in early February every year, The Super Bowl is definitely one of the most popular events in sports entertainment. Professional football is set at such a high standard that the stadiums that the games are played in are almost mega-structures. Metlife Stadium, the site of this year’s game, is a brand new structure that has 2.1 Million total square feet (more than 2x the size than the old stadium!). Property managers need flexibility when managing structures of large capacity and here some are some key qualities you should look for.

Go For the Gold: How Workspeed and JobCost Can Save the Olympics

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With the Winter Olympic Games starting in less than two weeks, the viewing public has already been privy to a number of interesting developments. Last week, Ralph Lauren revealed the uniforms designed for the US Olympic team and the responses ranged from joy that everything is made 100% in the USA to comparisons to “hideous Christmas sweaters.” However, the eye-catching apparel was one of the less interesting Olympic previews in recent days.

Help! It's 1099 Season!

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For property managers, January marks the time to prepare year-end statements for tax filing purposes. For many properties, it also means it's time to tackle the 1099 Form or face penalties from the IRS! To get you through tax season, below are some helpful hints when it comes to handling those pesky 1099's:

How Did You Get Where You Are Today?

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As we wrap up 2013 and look ahead to an exciting new year, give yourself a moment to reflect on the people who made it all possible. Set aside some time to thank the people in your life for giving you their support. Often time’s people forget how much a thank you is appreciated. Whether it is a simple note or a free meal, taking some time to show gratitude to the people in your life can make all the difference.

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