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It's Crunch Time!

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Do you have all of your Christmas shopping done? This time of year is the most crucial to retailers, especially with the holiday shopping season kicking off on Thanksgiving Day. Buying your gifts in time for the family holiday party is difficult for many because of long lines, popular items being sold out, battling the crowds at the local shopping mall and procrastination. (Arnold Schwarzenegger in Jingle All The Way is the perfect example). Being a property manager, you want everyone to have the ultimate consumer experience. Here’s is how you keep everything in check this holiday season.

Leveraging Mobile Platforms To Better Connect With Your Tenants

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Mobile usage continues to trend upward at unprecedented rates. As shown in the infographic, "Trends of Smartphones in 2013," there are currently 137 million people using smartphones today and that number continues to grow. So what does this mean for property owners and managers? It means that your tenants are spending more time on these devices so in order to connect with them your properties need to have a presence on these mobile platforms. MRI Software offers several solutions designed specifically for the mobile space. Workspeed, a property operations solution for commercial sites, offers mobile applications for Androids and iPhones where tenants, engineers and property managers can submit, track and complete service requests directly on their smartphone. VaultWare, a front-end marketing solution for residential portfolios, has a Leasing Tablet offering designed specifically for tablets as well as mobile websites. Internet listing services like and have mobile applications for tenants that are searching for that next property. These are all examples of ways that mobile is playing a part in every stage of the tenant lifecycle. Property management software companies like MRI are recognizing the importance of participating in the trend and providing enhanced interaction between clients and tenants via mobile platforms.

Under Pressure: The Importance of Responding to Angry Customers

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We've discussed the importance of customer service on several Watercooler posts, but today I would like to address a few best practices in handling the "squeaky wheels" among your client base. At some point and time, even the most organized property manager is bound to deal with an upset tenant or resident, whether it's due to a maintenance request slipping through the cracks, an unresolved issue with the monthly rental payment, or even a simple misunderstanding between the parties involved. Although these instances are less than ideal, there are several steps a property manager can take to minimize the damage and improve the customer's overall experience at the property:

How to Zombie-Proof Your Property

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In honor of AMC's The Walking Dead returning to television in a few short weeks, I would like to address an aspect of property safety we've yet to mention on this blog: a zombie apocalypse. Although there is some debate between whether this type of disaster is even possible, I would nonetheless like to offer up some tips to "zombie-proof" your property, which will come in hand for a variety of dangerous circumstances:

How to Obtain Constructive Criticism

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Criticism can be a double edged sword; however, when used constructively, it can be one of the best ways to positively improve your business.  Asking for feedback from your tenants about both the good and bad can give you a perspective you were previously blind to.  It is important to set up your feedback in a way that your tenants feel they can be honest, and provide thorough responses.

Preventing the "Blame Game" in Property Management

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As today is National Blame Someone Else Day, be wary that while you are passing off blame for your minor faux pas, someone else could be doing the same to you! It is human nature to place blame on another party when an unexpected problem or inconvenience takes place.  As property managers, it is something you are probably somewhat familiar with. No matter what your industry, there will always be certain occurrences that you cannot predict. However, by utilizing a few simple safeguards you can protect yourself and your tenants from an overabundance of problems and blame. 

New York State of Mind : The Building of One World Trade Center

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With today being Patriot Day, it seems all too appropriate to discuss the building of One World Trade Center and the ways in which it has improved upon traditional building methods. Additionally, one should mention why the supertower stands as a symbol for resilience and the return of an iconic skyscraper in that position of the New York City skyline.

Brace Yourself : Fall is Coming!

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The transition of August into September brings colder weather, beautiful fall foliage, and pumpkin-flavored everything. As a property manager, it's important to remember to prepare for the chilly temperatures (and possible snow!) in order to prevent costly damages. Read on for a list of tasks to add to your maintenance staff's To-Do list this month:

Is Your Property a “Sick Building?”

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Are your tenants constantly dry coughing, dizzy, or complaining of headaches?  Is there a specific conference room or area that always causes a scratchy throat? Although most people will fall ill at some point in their lives and need to take a sick day, if you notice these symptoms are occuring frequently, your clients may have a case of “Sick Building Syndrome” (SBS). SBS refers to a situation where property occupants have a variety of consistent symptoms that appear to be related to time spent in the building, but no specific disease can be identified. These types of complaints are more common in newer, energy-efficient locations where windows are sealed shut and fresh air is scarce. In fact, the EPA estimates that one out of four newly built/newly renovated properties will develop a case of SBS!

Protect Residents and Tenants by Pushing Paperless Payment Options

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Dropping off rent checks or money orders is part of the monthly routine for many renters, as is going through the process of manually depositing them for property management companies. But perhaps it’s time to scrutinize this common system.

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