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Get involved while getting a Positive Return on Investment

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With health consciousness continuing to be a growing trend and the warmer weather creating more opportunities to be physically active, local events like 5K races and other outdoor activities can be a great opportunity for properties to get involved and market themselves. Below are 4 tips on how your property can create more awareness in your local market:

Maximize your software solution with powerful support from MRI Software

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In March, MRI sent communications out to our clients indicating that we have updated and revamped our support packages to better assist our clients in their day to day activities. Knowing that you have a busy day ahead of you every day, any opportunity we have to enhance our interactions and make your lives easier is something we want you to have. If you’re at a new company and don’t know who to turn to or you just can’t seem to find your way, we want you to turn to MRI’s support and service teams who are unparalleled in the industry. Depending on the package selected by your company, you may even have access to unlimited support, extended hours, and direct lines to our most experienced representatives with enhanced response time targets – meaning your problems are resolved more quickly and more efficiently.

Are You Reaching as High as You Can?

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One April 14th 1902 James Cash Penney opened his first store, the Golden Rule Store, in Kemmerer, Wyoming.  112 years later, there are over 1,000 department stores with his name still on them, JCPenney!  As today is National Reach as High as You Can Day, use Mr. Penney’s immense success as inspiration to help your company reach its full potential!  Here are a few ways to make sure your business is reaching as high as it can. 

April Showers MAY Bring Flowers…If You Plant Them Right!

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A few weeks into April, Ohio is finally starting to see signs of spring poking their way through the melted snow. If your property is also experiencing this transition, the warmer weather means it’s time to put away the salt and snow shovels and start tending to your landscaping. Is it time to add new mulch to the garden beds? Are there aphids nibbling on the daffodils? To make your competitors ‘green’ with envy, below are some useful gardening tips to keep your property in bloom!

Join the Bostonpost Users Community

Bostonpost Users Community

Have you been looking for an opportunity to meet with other Bostonpost clients?  Are you looking for an opportunity to learn more about Bostonpost or the myMRI portal?  If so you will want to check out one of our quarterly Bostonpost User Community meetings.

Updated HUD News – TRACS 202D and HUD Tenant Forms

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TRACS 202D: On April 7, The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) published a notice in the federal register calling for comments on the information collection for the various HUD tenant forms including the HUD 50059 (full certification), 50059-A (partial certification) and 27061-h (race and ethnicity).  Comments are due no later than May 7, 2014. The hope is that all of the comments will be positive and supportive of the changes so that OMB can finalize its approval quickly after the end of the comment period.  The completion of this process is one of two things needed to allow TRACS 202D to be implemented. The second is OMB approval of the voucher forms that have been expired for two years now.  We expect a second OMB notice to be released soon asking for comments on those forms.

How Does Disney Do It?

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Maintaining your property is a large task and often quite costly. After a long winter there are so many things to get done - replacing old equipent, checking all the A/C units, and preparing all the landscaping, just to name a few. Of course, the larger the property, the more daunting spring maintenance can seem. So with spring cleaning about to commence, here are some facts on Disney that will make your to do list seem a lot smaller:

Rule # 4 – Play Nice

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We are taught at a young age to get along with others, to “play nice” and embrace our differences in order to work together and accomplish mutual goals as part of a team.

Is your property ready to welcome the warmer weather?

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The MRI Software headquarters is located just outside of Cleveland, Ohio so as you can imagine we are eagerly awaiting the warmer spring weather. Spring not only brings thawing temperatures it also means tenants and prospective tenants will be venturing outside more so it’s important that your property is well landscaped and inviting. A well-manicured lawn and pleasant décor will attract new visitors and create a positive association with your property among current and future residents. Below are five tips to prep your property for spring which are inspired in part by the article, “7 Landscaping Tips to Prep your Property for Spring” by Chris Lee

Why is Networking a Chore?

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Everywhere we look there is information on why networking is so important or why you ought to attend an event being held for professionals in your intended field. This message is drilled into our heads over and over until we finally, often reluctantly, walk into one of these events we would normally “forget” to attend. Even though we all know that networking is crucial for our personal career growth and is a key component to that of the company as well, it is hard for us to make it a priority. Why? Are we burnt out, scared, or are we convinced that our job doesn’t really benefit from networking?

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